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Welcome to Phat Vegan where we show you what vegans eat! Our host, Clay Hodges, takes us on a journey as he discovers the best vegan restaurants on the planet! Follow @PhatVeganTv on IG, Twitter, and FB for updates.


Hodge Mahal Media is an entertainment holding company that houses a record label, music publishing company, film & tv production company, and talent agency. Our name is inspired by the great Taj Mahal and incorporates the last name of our founder Clay Hodges. The Taj Mahal is considered an architectural masterpiece and hales as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is also seen as a symbol of love and passion because of its origin. Our goal at Hodge Mahal is to build a community and culture that is as admirable as the Taj Mahal. A place where creatives can create passion based works that change the world.


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